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Program and Portfolio 

Lilo Altali designed this simulation to teach teams or students techniques and strategies for managing programs and portfolios. It can be used in corporate, nonprofit, or classroom settings. This simulation was developed due to the lack of available resources in the marketplace. Facilitators or instructors are welcome to use it as they see fit. There are also two supplemental exercises that can be used to learn about program control and portfolio capacity/capability management. If you are a facilitator or instructor, you may reach out below to get access to those resources.

Program and Portfolio SImulation Overview

Program and Portfolio SImulation Overview

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Simulation Files

Program Management 
Simulation Overview 

This gives you an overview of GAT and the program's role in the simulation!


This is a folder of the documents that the team at GAT prepared for you. 


This folder contains templates and other supporting documents! 

Portfolio Management 
Simulation Overview 

This gives you an overview of GAT and the portfolio aspect of the simulation!

Program Control

In this folder are two workbooks, each with its program and project status report. Learners can use these materials to practice reading status reports and preparing presentations for a governing body.

Portfolio Capacity and Capability Management  

This exercise can be used to guide a team or student to develop capacity and capability management assets.

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Instructor or Facilitator Access 

Content Includes: 

  • Sample syllabus/pacing

  • "Incidents" and "change" cases that can be introduced throughout the simulation

  • Rubrics

  • Recommended accompanying texts

  • and a little bit more ...

I will reach out shortly with instructor/facilitator content!

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